What fascinates me?
Obviously. Arts, Architecture and Design.

As a child, I was enthusiastic in many things. A


mong many things, I loved colours and nature more. Pencils, paints, blank papers were the biggest accompany since I knew how to hold them. I had a dream of becoming an art

ist someday. Later on when I was growing old- my interests shifted towards science and I dreamt of becoming an astranaut. I end up graduating in architecture.

For this day, I am a practising architect who is trying to live his life creatively by doing creative things; the reason behind not being able to leave painting and practising photography aside.

This blog simply tries to share my interests, my learning experience on seeing the world with my eyes differently and with different perception so that I could help transform this world-with my little try- into a little better place. 

I am a simple guy from Nepal. 🙂